Second Floor Expectations and Agreements

    1. All students must be quiet in the halls and wait in a single file line until given permission to enter a classroom.
    2. The homeroom teacher will not dismiss students until basic classroom business and cleanup is completed.
    3. Students must arrive and depart from school wearing their complete uniforms. If a student is out of uniform they will receive a warning. The next time they are out of uniform will be a lunch detention, and the third strike is a morning detention.
    4. Students must be in complete uniform all day – please review student handbook for more details.
    5. Cell phones must be turned off before entering the building in the morning and may not be used during the school day. Cell phones are to remain off in students’ lockers until they exit the building at 3:10pm.  If this rule is violated, consequences will be based on the guidelines outlined in the SVF handbook.
    6. Students will use a school-issued lock to secure their lockers at all times. Lockers must be locked correctly on their own locker. Students may only use their designated locker for supplies
    7. Students will not be allowed to call, text, or email parents from personal devices or iPads throughout the day. If it is an emergency, they may use the main office phone to call parents/guardians.
    8. Following an absence, students must arrange make-up exams with the individual teacher.
    9. Students must come to school prepared with iPads charged.  iPads can only be charged during lunch with their own personal charger.
    10.  Detentions issued to a student will be held Tuesday mornings at 7:30am in the Cabrini Room.  


  •  In addition to the above guidelines, all rules and regulations in the SVF handbook and the BYOD agreement will apply.