At St. Vincent’s, we give our students all the necessary tools to be strong, confident and successful, 21st century learners. We provide them with “hands-on” learning through a consistent, inquiry, and a unit-based approach which allows each child to grow to his/her fullest. We differentiate the learning in order to give each child a tailored program that meets his/her intellectual needs. We are dedicated to educating the hearts and minds of all the children.

Our day is rooted in the teaching of the Lord and making good moral choices. We learn our prayers and how to pray, and listen to many age appropriate stories from the Bible as we build a communtiy of faith and strengthen our relationship with God. Our daily choices are reflected back as to “what would Jesus do.” In Kindergarten, we celebrate Mass weekly beginning in January.

Character development is another important aspect of our Kindergarten education. We practice good morals and values throughout our entire day and our classroom is a bully free zone. Kindness and respect is expected by all.

We encourage our students to explore their curiosity and ask many questions. In our classroom, we lay a strong foundation in reading, writing, phonemic awareness, phonics, math, science, social studies, religion, art, and music. All of this is done through story telling, singing, dancing, art, and experimenting. We believe in incorporating the arts daily as well as integrating technology across the curriculum. We use the SmartBoard and classroom iPads on a daily basis. We also go to the Media Center once or twice a week so the children can work on online programs to practice phonics, reading fluency, and comprehension tailored to meet their individual needs.  Our kindergarten students are also introduced to learning Spanish once a week. They work on basic concepts which helps build the foundation for Spanish fluency. When they get to our middle grades they will be immersed in the Spanish language 4 times a week.

At St. Vincent’s we offer a balanced kindergarten program of academics and socialization. The children are engaged all day long in play activities while they are learning all the common core skills needed to support their future education as confident, successful learners.