Great day parents and students!

I’m excited to post the results from CANTANTE Auditions!

Please note-The voices and members selected are those who:
-prepared music material (Dona Nobis Pacem)
-Expressed interest in wanting to challenge musical abilities
-Classroom performance and readiness in learning advanced level material

I am posting a doodle tonight for parents to fill out availability for extended outside rehearsals that will need to take place in preparation for our Holiday concert and community engagement opportunities presented.

There is more information to follow. I have much appreciation for your willingness and support!

Again, congratulations and I look forward to making great music with these talented young voices.

Cantante Choir
#- 3rd Grade
%- 5th Grade
^- 6th Grade
&- 7th Grade
*- 8th Grade

Therese Abcarian (&)
Reyna Avila (^)
Luke Barnett (&)
Marie Barnett (^)
Gianni Blaha (^)
Anthony Blackwell (*)
Marijana Brajkovich (&)
Ella Cacciatore (*)
Isabella Daley (*)
Russell Davis (*)
Theresa DiPrizio (*)
Brandon Edgecomb Solmos (^)
Madelyn Entler (&)
Daniel Gomez (&)
Grace Gomez (^)
Ryan Gomez (%)
Ian Gomez (#)
Jamon Graham (*)
Gianna Graziano (&)
Peter Henschell (%)
Leila Hernandez (%)
Grace Knox (^)
Nolan Kolodziejski (^)
Erich Kosch (^)
Ashlyn Lockey (^)
Michelle Kuzdra (#
Kaitlynn Magyla (^)
Lucy Martens (%)
Liliana Martens (#)
Daniela Martinez (%)
Grace Miceli (^)
Kacper Niedzwiedz (^)
Jada Onrubia (&)
Tea Pasquesi (&)
Julia Pecora (&)
James Plepel (^)
Matthew Purta (^)
Layla Rafidi (^)
David Reyes (%)
Anna Ruggiero (&)
Eiva Sanchez (%)
Diego Silva (^)
Cameron Strockis (^)
Madison Strockis (%)
Charles Trulis (%)
Sophia Trulis (*)
Madison White (&)
Sofia Zoko (%)


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