Great morning to all of my parents!

We are a little over four weeks into the school year…. and let me tell you… there is promising potential for St. Vincent Ferrer Music program. We have been building our knowledge from the ground up. I have introduced some unfamiliar and advanced musical concepts to grade levels 4-8th and the receptiveness has been STELLAR!

Here’s what we’ve explored!


*Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do

*Understanding Solfege in the Major Keys of Bb, F, Eb, E, D, and G

*Signing hands with Solfege syllables

-Identifying Pitch:

*Ear Training

*Ability to match pitch with piano and/or music teacher

*Exploring Sound

-Breathing techniques:

*Understanding diaphragm muscles

*Breathing before musical phrases

*Supporting our sound without vocal strain

-Memorizing the parts of our Mass:


*When We Eat This Bread

*Lamb of God


PHEW….. sounds like a lot, but it’s all necessary for the development and growth of the SVF Music Program and developing each students gift for music.

We have a concert coming up in 10 weeks…….. YIKES!!!! It sounds like a lot of time, but there is much work to be done.

I will be hosting open auditions next week for CANTANTE- the honors choir for Saint Vincent. Information will be posted separately on this blog and sent out via email.


Now that I have the hang of thisĀ  blog… I will be posting more. Especially tips on how to work with your children at home in learning their musical terms and songs for class!


I look forward in having many of your children in CANTANTE


See you soon

Mr. Phillip Armstrong



If Music be the food of love….. SING ON! Happy Fall

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