Mrs. Laura Barlich graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelors degree in Art Education in 2009.  While at ISU, Mrs. Barlich focused on lithography and ceramics. Since earning her degree, she has taught at Westinghouse College prep high school (from 2011-2014), has helped run a family photography business (Hitch & Sparrow Wedding Co.), and has worked in the ceramics department at Lillstreet Arts Center in Chicago.

With a big move to Denver Colorado in 2016, Mrs. Barlich started working at a local kids and adult arts studio called Craftsman & Apprentice. Here, she was able to get back into teaching art and wanted to continue to pursue her teaching career again, full time.

In 2018, Mrs. Barlich and her family decided to come back to Illinois. Currently, she resides in Oak Park with her husband, Anthony (full-time Photographer), and their son Logan, who is 18 months old.

Some of her favorite things to do besides creating art are; playing soccer/basketball, watching movies, yoga, exploring new cities, reading books, and singing/playing her guitar.


About Mrs. Barlich

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