Band students played for the class.

Fourth grade had a fun and busy week. Some students wanted to share their talents with the class.

Fourth grade also shared their American Revolution Children’s books with second grade.

Upcoming Events:

  • May Crowning during 9:00AM mass on Sunday, 5/19.
  • Band Concert at 7PM in Kyte Hall on Monday 5/20.
  • Spring Concert at 6:30PM in the church on Thursday, 5/23. Students should meet with me in Kyte Hall at 5:30PM. Students should wear their church best. No jeans or gym shoes.
  • Memorial Day; No School, Monday, 5/27.
  • Field Museum Field Trip: 9:00-2:30 on Wednesday, 5/29.
  • Celebration of Volunteers 8:00AM on Thursday, 5/30.
  • Last Day of School: Friday; Dismissal at 2:15PM; 6/7.

Upcoming Tests: (remaining tests for the school year)

  • Religion test on Chapter 20 on Friday, 5/24.
  • Math test on Chapter 12 “Measurement” on Friday, 5/31.
  • Religion test on Chapter 21 on Tuesday, 6/4.
  • Science Quiz on vocabulary terms from Unit 6 on Tuesday, 6/4.

Topics of Study for the Week of May 13th-17th:


Students learned that God and human relationships should be much more important than material possessions. This is how we can follow the 7th and 10th Commandments.


Students practiced making conversions with both metric and customary units of measurement.


Students worked on editing and revising their career research projects.

Language Arts:

Students have been reading the realistic fiction novel “The Tiger Rising” and practicing many different reading strategies to help them comprehend. Students also learned about and found examples of personification.

Newsletter; Week of May 13th-17th