Enjoying this week’s nice weather.

Upcoming Events:

  • Feed My Starving Children Field Trip: Friday, April 26th. Students may wear their gym uniforms. We will eat lunch at school after the field trip. Please turn in permission slips by Thursday, 4/18.
  • 5K: Saturday, May 4th
  • Early Dismissal: Tuesday, 5/7. Dismissal will be at 2:15 p.m.
  • Spring Concert: Thursday, 5/16.

Upcoming Tests:

  • Religion test on Chapter 17 on Friday, 5/3
  • Spelling test on Lesson 14 words on Friday, 5/3
  • Math test on Chapter 11 on angles on Wednesday, 5/8
  • Social Studies vocabulary quiz over terms from unit 5 “The American Revolution” on Thursday, 5/9.
  • Religion test on Chapter 18 on Friday, 5/10
  • Reading test on the story “The Life and Times of the Ant,” participles, text and graphic features on Friday, 5/10.

Topics of Study for the Week of April 15th-18th:


Students created a timeline describing the events of Holy Week.


Students practiced continuing a growing pattern.


Students wrote friendly letters to classmates.  They addressed envelops and mailed the letters.  Please keep an eye out for these letters in the mail!

Language Arts:

Students practiced finding cause and effect relationships.  They also learned some Greek and Latin roots to help them determine the meaning of new words.

Social Studies:

Students began to read about the French and Indian War.  They learned about the Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party.

Newsletter; Week of April 15th-18th