Happy New Year!!  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school!

Upcoming Events:

  • Mass:  Fourth grade will help with the school masses on Thursdays at noon through out the month of January.  Students may do readings, hold doors, or serve during mass.  Please join us if possible.
  • Early Dismissal:  Tuesday, 1/15 at 2:15PM
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day:  Monday, 1/21, No School
  • Catholic School’s Week Open House:  School is in-session on Sunday, 1/27 for our Open House from 8:00AM-1:30PM.

Upcoming Tests:

  • Spelling Test:  on Lesson 8 words on Friday, 1/11.
  • Religion Test:  test on Chapter 11 on Wednesday, 1/16.  A review will be sent home on Monday, 1/14.
  • Reading Test:  test on the realistic story “Me and My Uncle Romie” on Friday, 1/18.
Happy New Year!