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I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoy the nice break!  

Thank you for coming to conferences.  I appreciate the time to check in and talk.

Upcoming Events: 

  • Spirit Wear:  on sale now until 11/18.  All orders must be placed by 11:59PM.  Pick up day will be on December 7th.  There will not be another Spirit Wear sale until February.
  • Grandparent’s Day; Special One’s Day:  Tuesday, 11/20 from 12:00-3:10PM. 
    • The event begins with mass at 12:00PM in church. 
    • Guest can then join the 4th grade class for Bingo in the gym from 1:15-2:00PM.
    • Guest can then travel to our classroom, room 14 for an activity from 2:15-3:00PM.
    • Students MUST wear their regular school uniforms.  They will not have gym class.  
  • Thanksgiving Break:  Begins at 3:10PM on Tuesday, 11/20.  Students return to school on Monday 11/26.

Upcoming Tests:

  • Math Test:  over Chapter 4 on division on Friday, 11/30.
  • Spelling Test:  over Lesson 7 words on Friday, 11/30.
  • Religion Test:  over chapter 9 on Tuesday, 12/4.

Topics of Study for the Week of November 13th-16th:


Students are taking a break from their Religion textbook.  They have spent much of the week reflecting on all that God has given them and spending time giving thanks.


Students practiced many different methods to help them complete long division problems such as partial quotient, distributive method, and the traditional regrouping method.


Students worked with partners to help them edit and revise their opinion essays on Fidget Spinners.

Language Arts:  

Students read the story “Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude” and practice using Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast different story elements.

Social Studies:

Students began a unit on Exploration.  They read about the Silk Road in Asia and the need to find a water route once that trade route became dangerous.  They also began to read about Christopher Columbus and other Spanish Explorers.

Newsletter; Week of November 12th-16th