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It sounds like I missed an amazing assembly on Friday!  I hope the students enjoyed Staley the Bears message on bullying.  I hope you were able to watch the many videos that were posted on social media and WGN News!

Upcoming Events:

  • Early Dismissal:  Dismissal at 2:15PM on Tuesday, October 23rd.
  • Native American Presentations:  Student’s Native American projects are due on Monday, October 22nd.  Students will display their projects in Kyte Hall from 1:00PM-1:30PM.  Please come see their hard work!
  • Field Trip:  Students will go to the Northshore Center for Performing Arts to see a magician use math to do magic tricks on Wednesday, October 24th.  Students should wear their gym uniforms and bring a lunch from home.
  • Halloween:  We will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, October 31st with a classroom party at the end of the school day.  Students may bring treats to share if desired.  We have 25 students in our class.

Upcoming Tests:

  • Spelling Tests:  test on Lesson 5 words on Friday, 10/26.
  • Religion Test:  over Chapter 7 on Monday, 10/29.
  • Math Test:  over Chapter 3, Multiplying two-digit numbers, on Tuesday, 10/30.

Topics of Study for the Week of October 15th-19th:


Students finished chapter 6 on making good choices.  They also researched and wrote a report on a saint of their choice.


Students learned two different ways to multiply two-digit numbers, area model and partial products.  

Language Arts:

Students read the realistic fiction story “The Power of W.O.W.” and practiced identifying the theme of the story.  They also reviewed the prefixes mis- and non-.

Social Studies:

Students continued to read about different Native American tribes in North America such as the Inuit and Pueblo.

Newsletter; October 15th-19th