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Students had their first House meetings on Friday!!  Each House chose a Dominican Saint to base their name, motto, and traits after.  Houses even came up with their own chants.  Ask your child about their house!

Friar Hours:  Friar Hour sheets were sent home on Wednesday.


Upcoming Events:

  • Tailgating Party:  Saturday; September 22nd following 5:30 mass.  Come watch the Cubs vs. Sox game!
  • Early Childhood Bake Sale:  Fourth grade will shop the bake sale during school on Thursday, September 27th.  The bake sale will be open after school for families to visit all wee
  • Columbus Day:  No school on Monday, October 8th

Upcoming Tests:

  • Simple Solutions Language Arts Quiz:  test over lessons 13-16 on Monday, 9/24.
  • Religion Test:  Test over Chapter 4 on Thursday, 9/27.  A chapter review will be sent home Wednesday night.  
  • Spelling Test:  Test over lesson 3 words on Friday, 9/28.

Topics of Study for the Week of September 17th-21st:


Students read the stories about covenants God made with others such as Joseph and Moses.  Students learned that by following the Ten Commandments we keep our covenant with God.


Students learned different ways to multiply such as the distributive method.  They also practiced comparative word problems.


Students wrote a “hamburger paragraph” stating their opinion about a favorite thing or activity.  This is a paragraph that includes a topic sentence, three supporting details, and a conclusion.

Language Arts:

Students read the biography “My Brother Martin” and determined author’s purpose using evidence from the text.


Students learned what scientist do.  They practiced using terms such as experiment, hypothesis, variables, evidence, and conclusions.


Newsletter; Week of September 17th-21st