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Thank you to all the parents who came to Curriculum Night!!  I greatly appreciate it.  Also, thank you for volunteering to help with classroom parties!


Upcoming Events:

  • Tailgating Party:  Saturday; September 22nd following 5:30 mass.  Come watch the Cubs vs. Sox game!
  • Early Childhood Bake Sale:  Fourth grade will shop the bake sale during school on Thursday, September 27th.  The bake sale will be open after school for families to visit all wee
  • Columbus Day:  No school on Monday, October 3rd

Upcoming Tests:

  • Religion Test:  Test over Chapter 3 on Thursday, 9/20.  A chapter review will be sent home Wednesday night.  Students should know the Ten Commandments.
  • Reading Test:  Test over the story “My Brother Martin,” author’s purpose, the prefixes in, ir, il and im, complete subject, complete predicate, and compound subjects and predicates on Friday, 9/21
  • Simple Solution Language Arts Quiz:  over lessons 13-16 in workbook on Monday, 9/24

Topics of Study for the Week of September 3rd-7th:


Students read the story of Abraham and Sarah.  God told Abraham he would be the leader of a great nation if he kept his covenant.


Students practiced regrouping to add and subtract and solved multi-step word problems.


Students wrote a “hamburger paragraph” about a favorite food or restaurant.  This is a paragraph that includes a topic sentence, three supporting details, and a concluding sentence.

Language Arts:

Students practiced identifying complete subjects and predicates.  They also went over reasons an author writes:  to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. 

Social Studies:

Students worked in groups to present facts about each of the five regions in the USA.  They created posters that proudly hang in our classroom.


Newsletter; Week of September 10th-14th