Pre-K 3 students do not receive traditional homework.  However, I encourage daily reading and assign monthly “family projects.”

READING LOG:  Please make an effort to read to your child every night.  Encourage reading at home, as well as taking trips to your local library.  Listening to stories and being able to discuss them are important skills that you can work on daily with your child.  Initiate conversations regarding a favorite or new book, and discuss different elements: characters, plot, setting, and storyline in simple terms.  Students will be working on building this skill at school as well.  I will put a new calendar reading log in your child’s book bag folder every month.  This log is to remain in the folder.  Each night after you read to your child, encourage him/her to complete the task for the corresponding date box. Below is the task for each month.  Please have your child complete this by him/herself. As simple as these tasks may seem to you, it is a big task for a little one, and it’s important to instill and understanding and the importance of homework. This will help to also reinforce skills learned in class in a quick, fun way.

  • September – color
  • October – draw a line
  • November – draw a circle
  • December – draw a square
  • January – write the first letter of your name
  • February – write any letter in your name
  • March – write any letter
  • April – write any number
  • May – write any number or letter in the box to create an AB pattern across each row (i.e. A, 2, A, 2, A, 2, A in first row; B, 4, B, 4, B, 4, B in second row, and so forth)
  • June – write a number

Please note, if you do not read every night, it will not affect your child’s performance on his or her report card.  This routine is not meant to be a struggle, but a goal to work towards.  I understand that some nights it is impossible to fit in some reading time.  Do the best you can as fits your family’s schedule.

FAMILY PROJECTS:  Every so often, I will send home a project that is to be completed with the help of an older sibling, parent, or relative.  Just as with the Reading Log, these projects are not graded and do not affect any student’s performance on a report card.  Students are given 1-2 weeks to complete these assignments as they require some parental guidance and I understand that all families have busy schedules.  They are meant to be a fun way of educating your child on the importance of building a school-to-home relationship.  While missing a few reading nights is completely fine, I do strongly encourage families to complete every project as the students will share about their projects in class, and those who have not brought anything in may feel left out.