Please note that for some birthdays, we are not able to celebrate on the day of, either because it’s a weekend, your child isn’t in school on that day of the week, or because there are quite a few birthdays so near each other. Please let me know if you need to change your child’s date.

How to prepare:  The Birthday student will be interviewed by the class and be featured on our classroom “All About Me” bulletin board for an entire week (as close to his/her birthday as possible).  All pieces for your child’s board are due to school by the Friday before your child’s Birthday Boast week. Please place everything in a Ziploc bag and label with your child’s name.  See the example below of how your child can prepare for his/her week on the bulletin board. The yellow paper background, border, and “All About Me” sign will remain constant. Everything else is determined by you and your child. He/she can send in photos, drawings, cut out words, etc.

    Note: Number of students varies depending on the day.

  • Mon/Fri: ____ in the morning; ____ in the afternoon
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs: ____ in the morning; ____ in the afternoon

Here is an example of the bulletin board that your child will fill with his/her information: